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Live young with a healthy lifestyle
Live young with a healthy lifestyle

5 ways working moms can slip fitness into their day

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One of the biggest hurdles working mothers face is to find the time to exercise. It can get difficult to set aside time for yourself while meeting the needs of your family and the demands of your job. However, eating well and exercising will not just benefit you but also those around you. Exercise is a great way to destress while at the same time it keeps your body and mind active.

On the occasion of Mother’s day we at Farmlite wish to share a few tips and strategies for moms to slip fitness into their day:

Exercise Your Commute

Try riding a bicycle or walk to work a few times each week. This way you’ll save money on gas, you’ll start the day with a clear mind and you might even save time and avoid the peak hour traffic. If you stay far away, try and find a parking spot a little away from your office and ‘power walk’ that distance to work.

Walk and talk

If you’re on a call for more than 10 minutes try this simple technique – Walk and talk. During a busy day at work try and commit to at least two 10 minute walks – you can do this by brainstorming on ideas with your colleague while taking a walk around the office/campus or catching up with a friend or family over a call. This way you’ll get your exercise and also complete your ‘to do list’ more efficiently.

Exercising with your family

Exercising with the kids can be more fun than you imagined – take a swim in the pool, play hide and seek or just go for a family run first thing in the morning. You can also try out a combined package many dance courses are offering these days for parents and kids. Exercising with your family creates good memories, a healthy body and mind but most importantly, it gives you quality time with your family.

The Jump rope

The skipping rope is one of the most efficient ways of getting fit. You only need 10 minutes of your time to spare. It’s small, lightweight and portable, so you can carry it to work, on holiday or even when you’re at the park with your kids.

Use the stairs

Whenever you can, Use the stairs. You don’t need to spend on costly equipment or on a gym membership, all you need is a flight of stairs. Climbing stairs has so many health benefits – it increases your muscle strength and power, it improves blood circulation and it helps you destress. So take the climb to a healthy life!